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December 2016

Volume 2 Issue 3



Research Article
Association Between Ambient Air Pollution and Hospitalization for Respiratory Diseases in Perth, Australia

Krassi Rumchev PhD*, Yun ZhaoPhD

Air quality is not a new concept, however, continues to be a significant health and environmental problem worldwide including in Australia. Studies from around the world continue to demonstrate relationships between air pollution and adverse health effects among adults and children. Some of the air pollutants considered as a major health concern in urban areas include particulate matter and gases such as ozone, oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide.

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Research Article

Removal of C.I. Acid Red 114 Dye from Wastewater by Using Ozonation and Electrocoagulation

Ngoc-Han T. Huynh, Pham-Hung Duong, Yong-Soo Yoon*

This study was performed to investigate the removal ability of dyeing wastewater containing C.I. Acid Red 114 by ozonation and electrocoagulation in batch mode. In ozonation, the effects of some parameters: ozone gas flowrate, pH, temperature and initial dye concentration on color, dye and COD removal efficiencies were evaluated. And the gas holdup by ozone gas, volumetric mass transfer coefficient of ozone, enhancement factor and energy consumption were determined. In electrocoagulation, the effects of current density, initial dye concentration, pH and conductivity on color, dye and COD removal efficiencies were determined. Energy consumption and sludge production were evaluated. 

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Review Article

Responding to Megatrends for Resilient and Sustainable U.S. Cities

Alan Hecht*, Joyce Stubblefield, Keely Maxwell

A megatrend is a long-term change that affects governments, societies and economies permanently over a long period of time. A number of global megatrends discussed in this paper are interrelated in impacting the economic, social and environmental well-being of cities and society today. These include population growth, increases in extreme events and natural disasters, growing environmental and health impacts due to climate change, infrastructure decline, and land use changes. These megatrends are not ranked but are inter-related and occurring at an accelerated pace causing increased pressure on the environment, the economy, and human well-being.

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